The Process of Making an Argan Oil

The Process of Making an Argan Oil

Argan oil is a known beauty product for its number of benefits to skin, hair and nails. But, have you ever wonder where this “magical oil” comes from? How this oil is made so you get the aids to achieve beautiful skin and hair. The tale of argan oil is interesting for sure but you will be amazed to know the process of making argan oil.

Moroccan oil or Argan oil is actually derived from the kernels of argan tree, a native plant of Morocco. This is the main reason why this oil is also popularly called as Moroccan oil in many countries. From ancient times, argan oil has been used by Middle Eastern countries to enhance beauty, nourishing dry hair, strengthening nails and even to cure bowel problems.

Founding of Argan Oil

Before humans can sense the benefits of argan oil, local goats used to relish this nutty fruit delight every day. Even today if you visit Morocco, you can see the goats climb on the top of argan tree to eat ripe fruits. Slowly, with time, when humans came to know about the benefits of this tree, the argan nuts became the most valuable items to procure.

Process of Making Argan Oil

Argan tree is an ancient plant that grows in the dry area and takes fifty years to bear fruits that produce argan oil. As the news of benefits of argan oil got spread in the beauty industry, many cosmetic companies started demanding argan oil from Middle Eastern countries to sell as essential oil or other cosmetic products. The hoard to collect argan kernels have put this plant on danger because of being plucked too much for the fruits. Looking at the abuse of natural resources, local people have started growing new argan plants to restore the balance.

Every day, women from local villages pluck the kernels that are ripe from argan tree for manufacturing this essential oil. Once the lot is collected, a labor intensive work of separating nuts from the shell is done. Till this date, women use a specific pair of two stones to break these nuts. Once the nuts are collected, they are crushed to paste form which looks similar to peanut butter. The paste is then kneaded till the mixture gets thick and take a form of a dough. Once the ball shaped dough is achieved, it’s pressed to extract pure organic argan oil. While this is more traditional version to extract argan oil, companies are using heavy machinery to faster this process and get cold pressed argan oil.


A cold press argan oil contains vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants that works as an anti-aging cream, hydration to hair and nails. The purest form of argan oil does not contain any water or other ingredient. With all the amazing benefits, we advise every person to use argan oil for hair, skin and even nails. To know more about the best brands of Argan oil, check out our websites where you will be able to know in detail about the best argan oil in the market that can be used in your daily routine.

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