Maracuja Oil Vs Argan Oil Compared and Reviewed


You may have heard about the Argan Oil and Maracuja oil for acne, face, and other skin and hair treatments. The first is popular for a long time, and the other has just hit the scene with a significant impact. Both the oils have created wonders in beauty treatments, but when it comes to picking up the best, we should know the exact difference and similarities between them. And here, you will find the same.

First, we will see the similarities between the Maracuja Oil and Argan Oil

  • Both oils are enriched with antioxidants which help in the treatment of aging
  • Fatty acids are present in the both to nourish the skin
  • Both the Argan oil and Maracuja oil heal and repair the skin
  • They don’t need preservatives to last long
  • For resisting oxidation, shelf life is extended
  • Both are used for hair, face, skin, and acne treatments

Maracuja Oil for Hair

The Maracuja Oil is better known as the ‘treatment oil’ with its anti-itching properties. It is best for the treatment for the itching scalp problem. If you have dumped up hair with many allergens, then get relief from them by using the Maracuja Oil for hair. It will help to repair hair scalp problem and to build stronger and firmer hair.

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Maracuja Oil Acne Treatment

It is advisable to check the reviews and test results before going to any solution for the acne treatment. According to sources, Maracuja oil is not very effective for acne treatment, but that could not be certain. The contains it can result in breakouts in facial, so beware of using it directly. First, consult your beauty expert and then go ahead.

On the other hand, the Argan oil is not only good for hair but also it gives good results in acne treatment. We recommend to use an Argan oil for acne treatment and if you get the right results on the initial stage, then go with it.

Maracuja Oil Vs Argan Oil

We have seen the details on Maracuja oil for hair and acne. And also we recommended going with the Argan oil for acne treatment rather than Maracuja oil. Now, let’s talk about the treatment with Argan oil for hairs.

Also known as the ‘Golden Oil,’ the Argan Oil will improve the scalp blood circulation and result in a better hair growth. An Argan oil repairs damaged hair as well as maintains them and makes them stronger than ever. It will also improve the production of keratin which is responsible for improving the thickness and nourishment of the hair.

Not only we, but the professional hair stylists and experts also recommend the Argan oil for the people who are facing the problem of hair loss. The Argan oil ingredients help to improve the thickness and volume of hairs, and thus the oil becomes the natural health regeneration and restoration solution for hairs. The argan oil moisturizes the scalp, gives good treatment to hair strands and gives your hair the desired growth.

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Now we will make the feature’s comparison of Argan Oil Vs Maracuja Oil

  • The Argan oil is enriched with Vitamin E while the Maracuja oil is full of Vitamin C.
  • The Argan oil is extracted from the kernel of fruits of an Argan tree native to Morocco while the Maracuja oil is a cold pressed oil which is derived from making a particular process on passion flowers from Amazon.
  • The high amount of fatty acids and texture of Maracuja oil makes it valuable in the treatment of personal cares like face treatment, hair treatment, skin treatment, etc. While the Vitamin E, phenolic acid, phenols, fatty acids, and other antioxidants enriched Argan Oil is a golden personal care oil which provides tremendous results in acne, skin, hair, and face treatments.
  • The Argan oil is slightly thicker and heavier than the Maracuja oil
  • The maracuja oil provides less moisture than the Argan oil
  • The appearance of the Argan oil is slightly in a golden tint than the Maracuja oil


After making some experiments and comparison of Argan oil Vs Maracuja oil, we can conclude that both the oils are ideal for use in the beauty care treatments. Both oils are available in the market online or offline. You can get them as per your convenience and comfort. Both the Maracuja oil and Argan oil are A-grade products, and it’s hard to pick up the best among them. Many users reviewed that they felt the difference in their skin only after they stopped the use of Maracuja oil, so it’s better to wait and check for the results if you think it is not working.

Though it depends on the personal use and results, we recommend the Argan oil for hair, and other skin treatments, and the Maracuja oil for the face treatment.