Scarguard Review: Improve Your Appearance

Scarguard Review- Improve Your Appearance

Scarguard MD Reviews: Effective Way of Treating Scars

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While most of us are worried about acne scarring, many others are having a hard time dealing with injuries that are caused by burns, surgery or accidents. Our appearance plays a huge role in boosting the confidence and scarring can be a huge blow to it. One of the most popular methods for getting rid of scarring is through the ScarGuard MD cream which is highly recommended by dermatologist and plastic surgeons to patients who are dealing with scars from burns, accidents or surgery. This evolutionary silicon based product has a clear watery texture that quickly covers the skin with an invisible shield that protects from pollutants.

Here is a detailed ScarGuard review where you will know if the product actually works or just another fluke from the beauty industry.

ScarGuard Ingredients

ScarGuard comes in a clear container with clear liquid. The application can be made with the help of brush attached to the bottle cover. The main ingredients are Silicone (12.0%), Hydrocortisone (0.5%), Vitamin E, and Specially Formulated Flexible Collodion.

The silicone is known to help shrink the scar tissue and healing the damaged skin. Cortisone reduce the irritation on the skin, Vitamin E helps in softening the skin, moisturize the damaged tissue and assist them to heal faster. Over all, every ingredient used in ScarGuard is for repairing the damaged skin by making a protecting layer yet treating the skin throughout the whole time.

How to Apply ScarGuard Cream?

Clean the affected skin area with a mild soap and water. Make sure no residue of soap is left. Pat dry the skin, apply the ScarGuard cream on the scar. Use the clear liquid directly on the affected area and wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute to dry. This creates a nearly invisible film on the skin protecting it from the pollutants in the atmosphere. The best thing about ScarGuard is it doesn’t get removed while showering, swimming, or while wearing clothes. For best results, one needs to apply the ScarGuard when the wound is healing. Use twice a day until you can see the scars getting lighter.

Scarguard Before and After Truth

The best thing about ScarGuard is it is extremely light on the skin, doesn’t sting while applying and gets dry super-fast. The odor of the liquid is pretty strong but vanish within 5 minutes of application. The packaging is smart which makes it easy to carry in your bag. The brush makes the application very easy and doesn’t waste the product. Now coming to the effect, this liquid does magical effect on the scars. No only it shrinks and flattens the damaged tissue, it heals the skin, reduces the irritation and prevents the formation of the new scar. Vitamin E plays a huge role in repairing the skin and lighten the marks with every application.

Pros of ScarGuard MD

  • A serum based product that easily applies on the skin like a shield.
  • Dries fast
  • Water proof and doesn’t stain the clothes.
  • Can be used on the face before putting on makeup.
  • Easy on the pocket compared to other scar treatment creams available in the market.
  • Effective on lightening the scars with prolong use.

Cons of ScarGuard MD

  • Peels off after 6 to 7 hours
  • On pale skin, it looks like translucent paper film.
  • Smells strong like acetone
  • Seems less efficient on treating old scars.

Final Verdict

After doing a thorough ScarGuard review, it is proven that the serum is effective in treating scars left after surgery or accident. If you have puckered scarring on face, neck, hands or legs which make you feel self-conscious, then ScarGuard Md will help you flatten the skin, reduce the redness, itching and heal the closed wound in time. As the silicon liquid gets applied on the skin, it acts as a shield on the affected area. Cortisone reduces the irritation, and Vitamin E rebuilds the tissue from the deep layers of skin that remove the pigmentation and build new skin.

The scarring is a sign of healing the body and courage of person coming out of trauma. There is no need for anyone to carry the scars on the body when such an effective method is out there which can heal the scars effectively. If you have gone through the surgery or accident, ScarGuard will help you erase the marks.