Argan Oil Smell: Identify the Real Oil

Argan Oil Smell- Identify the Real Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the best oils available in the world. It is extraordinarily healthy and can provide many skin and health care benefits. It is antioxidant, antibacterial, and uncontroversial oil. It is collected from the fruits of the Argan tree. Each of them contains kernels rich in oil. There are many Argan trees grow in Morocco. The oil is incredibly rare and quite expensive, but many beauty enthusiasts use it and highly recommend it to others.

Just because of its increasing popularity, rarity, and unavailability, there are many fake companies took place in the market to sell not-so-real Argan oil. The real Argan oil is 100% organic and clean. By following this write-up, you can get some tips and tricks to identify the real Argan oil by its smell and save your money by using them on some ethical products.

The Real Argan Oil Smell

There are various types of Argan oils. Therefore, apparently, the smell of Argan oil depends on the type of Argan oil you are using!

1. Cosmetic Argan Oil:

If you are using a cosmetic Argan oil in its purest form, then there should be a ‘nutty’ flavor. Some people think that it’s fragrance is quite similar to popcorn or rubber band. Your skin absorbs the Argan oil quickly and so; the odor will not remain for a long time.

2. Culinary Argan Oil:

If you use culinary Argan oil, the smell is a bit altered. It is tempting and makes you want to taste it because, in this type of oil, the Argan kernels were roasted before the grating process.

3. Unscented Argan Oil:

There is a type of odorless Argan oil, which is highly demanding for face and hair care. As said, it does not have any strong aroma. Unscented Argan oil passes over advance two purification processes to produce odorless oil.

4. Deodorised Argan Oil:

Deodorised Argan oil has no aroma or extremely mild fragrance. To remove the sense of scent, it passes through a steam procedure in a vacuum.

The factors affecting the smell of Argan oil include Argan nut kernel fiber as well as climatic changes. Argan nut kernel fiber has a short lifespan and high amount of bacteria. The oil which is smooth has a longer lifespan and less nutty odor.

Kindly keep in mind that the oils having overpowering fragrances are also suspicious. If your Argan oil whiffs like an ointment or shampoo, then there are full chances of duplication; or the mixture of chemicals with the nuts.

Argan Oil Perfumes

When you use Argan oil for your hair or skin, it may work as a perfume before fully absorbed into your skin. It is said that the climate can affect the quality, texture, and the smell of Argan oil. Changes of soil, heat or cold, moisture, or the water – everything affects the final product.

The tests and study suggest that the pure Argan oil can be in its best condition until 1.5 years. Strong smelling oil could be rancid. Oil including fragrances also used in cooking. So, you have to be conscious regarding the type of Argan oil and its uses.

Other Ways To Identify The Real Argan oil

Manufacturing: The real Argan oil is the product of Morocco. Read all the information before buying, and try to get the original production of Morocco.

Components: Never forget to check the extent of Argan oil in the product. The purest oil must contain 100% Argan oil.

Packaging: Pure Argan oil comes in glass bottles and not in the plastic bottles. Mostly, the manufacturers prefer bottles having darkened colors to protect the oil from the sun rays.

Color: Argan oil’s color should be Golden Yellow.

Texture: The oil’s texture should be creamy. It should be disappeared from your skin after some time. Moreover, it must not be adhesive or watery.

Price: As the making process of the Argan oil is complicated, it becomes expensive. You have to spend a lot of bucks for the real Argan oil. So keep in mind that the vendor, who provides you Argan oil less than the market price, might not be the authentic one.

One thing you have to remember that there are no chemicals in the oil if it is genuine. The fruits are picked up by the farmer’s hand and not by any other machines. Such oils might be costly, but they create their positive identity because of their undiluted and unblended nature by not mixing with any other oils, fragrances, or preservatives.

I hope now it will be easy for you to identify the genuine Argan oil by its smell and other important things. From now onwards, kindly check all the related factors before paying any money. I wish you to have a happy and healthy life ahead!