Argan Oil for Eyebrows and Eyelashes: Grow Your Eyebrows Naturally

Argan Oil for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

To achieve mesmerizing eyes, we pluck or wax the eyebrows to groom and make eyebrows even. Same goes with eyelashes which are often covered with thick layers of mascara to get a blinking dreamy eye look. But, one thing we forget that constant plucking and waxing can lead to blank space and thin brows. Also, use of chemical-based cosmetics stops hair growth in these regions. So, instead of thickening brows using eyebrow pencil and using the fake long lashes use a product that gives you longer eyelashes and thicker eyebrow naturally.For many years’ beauty bloggers used to talk about using castor oil to boost the hair growth on eyebrow and achieve longer eyelashes. But, castor oil is thick and make the whole healing process highly uncomfortable. The best alternative to this is the cold pressed Moroccan oil also popularly known as the argan oil for eyebrow growth. Rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, this essential oil nourishes the hair roots, and boost hair growth. Argan oil for eyelashes is also found beneficial to the skin as it is awarded as the best skin moisturizer that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.

Here are the top three Argan Oil Eyelashes Brands that will help regrow eyebrows:

Argan Oil for Eyelashes

1) Zongle Cold Pressed USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil for Eyelashes

Zongle USDA CertifiedZongle Organic Argan oil is produced using the cold-pressed method, so our cosmetic product holds its original nutritive and medicinal properties. Considered among the most valued beauty oil, argan oil for eyebrow growth can also be used as a skin toner, moisturizer, natural skin exfoliator, hair growth booster and a body moisturizer. For best result, clean the face and apply the oil using dropper on the body and massage gently.

Zongle Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil comes with these following features:

  • Zongle argan oil is USDA certified as the product of oil is done ethically without disturbing the ecological balance. The crop is harvested naturally, and we don’t use fertilizer of genetically modifying the plant.
  • The product contains 100% argan oil which is Hexane-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, Pesticide-Free, Baby-Safe and Kid-Safe.
  • This Argan oil for eyelashes can also work as a skin moisturizer, night cream, essence, and toner.
  • Using argan oil on a regular basis will help get rid of acne, reduce spots, stretch marks, works as a natural moisturizer for skin and hair. This oil can also be used for treating eczema, eyebrows, and eyelashes, as a hair mask, heat protector, and deep conditioning mask.

Packed in a premium glass bottle to extended the shelf life without letting the content get contaminated. A high quality of glass dropper is provided for dispensing the desired amount of liquid in a hygienic @ amazon

2. Bel Essence Organic Anti-Wrinkle Oil Treatment

Bel Essence Organic Anti-Wrinkle OilTreat your skin problems with the best natural ingredients that have the power to give youthful, glowing skin all preserved in Bel Essence Organic Anti-Wrinkle Oil. This cosmetic product is made using high quality of Almond oil, Grapeseed, Avocado oil, Sesame oil, and Argan oil for eyebrow growth that hydrates the skin, boost skin generation, improve skin elasticity and diminish aging spots. Free from harmful chemicals and coloring, you can use Bel Essence to get rid of all kind of skin problems.

Bel Essence Organic Anti-Wrinkle Oil Treatment comes with these following features:

  • Produced using all the natural ingredients, this oil is formulated using 100% organic Argan oil, Almond oil, Grapeseed, Avocado oil and Sesame oil.
  • With research, the Bel Essence has created a product that will hydrate the skin, and give a healthy glow to the face.
  • Free from any preservatives, additives, and chemicals, our oil treatment nourishes skin with Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Vitamins A, B, D, and E.
  • Use it regularly to increase healthy skin regeneration, the building of collagen and elastin that will make you appear younger.

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3. Acure Moroccan Argan OilAcure Moroccan Argan Oil

Thin eyebrows and brittle eyelashes can be a disheartening state for anyone. Overcome this problem by including an excellent organic oil that provides nourishment, strength and gives a thicker texture. Acure Argan Oil is a one-stop solution to a sparse eyebrow dilemma. Apply just a few drops on your eyebrows and eyelashes twice a day, and in a short time, you will see a visible reduction in hair fall. Also, the oil is light, non-sticky texture and won’t irritate the skin around the eyes. Compared to any high-end brand, Acure product is available at a pocket-friendly price, and one requires to use minimal amount so one bottle will go on for months.

Acure Moroccan Argan Oil comes with these following features:

  • Acure Organic Moroccan Oil is 100% pure essential oil, which is sulfate-free, paraben-free, petroleum-free, silicone-free, PEG-free, and gluten-free.
  • Rich in essential Fatty Acids, Protein, and Vitamin E, this non-sticky oil hydrates hair follicles from deep, making them healthier and thicker.
  • Apt for those who are facing thin eyebrows and brittle eyelashes problem.
  • Just rub few drops on fingertips and massage on the eyebrow and apply on eyelashes to aid them to grow naturally.

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How to Use Argan Oil for Eyebrow Growth?

Research shows that cold pressed oils are useful for hair conditions and encourage the generation of new hair. By applying cold pressed argan oil each night on the eyebrow until morning, you help fasten regenerate new hair follicle in that region. Also, you can use Q-tip t apply argan oil to get groomed eyebrows. If you pay close attention, after using argan oil, the hair grows faster, appear darker and thicker.

Many famous hair saloons are using argan oil to treat damaged eyebrows and eyelashes. The best part about this oil is it’s completely natural, doesn’t give side effects and give 100% results in short span of time. So, if you have thin eyebrow or too many blank spaces, apply argan oil that will penetrate roots of hair follicles and make hair grow faster, thicker and shinier.

How to Use Argan Oil for Eyelashes?

If you are one of those people who have scanty eyelashes, then using argan oil for eyelashes on a regular basis will do wonders for you. Not only it helps in conditioning lashes, in the long run, but the oil also boosts the longer hair growth.

As Argan oil is rich in Vitamin A and fatty acids it keeps your eyelashes hydrated and also make them appear thicker. Vitamin A is a known ingredient for regeneration of new cells in a body, so by applying the oil religiously, you promote the new hair growth.

The best way to apply argan oil for eyelashes is by using your fingers. Make sure to clean your hands using gentle soap and thoroughly wash, so there is no soap residue. Take few drops of cold-pressed argan oil in hand and coat your eyelashes thoroughly. Practice this in the night, so your skin gets time to absorb all the nourishment. Never stuff too much oil on the lashes as this will sting in the eye and can be harmful. If you are unsure of putting fingers close to eyes, use a clean Q-tip to apply oil on to your lashes. You need be patience for miraculous. Remember to rub remaining oil under the eyes to get rid of dark circles.

Best Way to Pick Argan Oil for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

There are companies advertising about argan oil eyelashes before and after pictures online. Instead of getting motivated by promotional brands, pick the product that promise containing organic cold pressed argan oil. In the cold pressed technique, the argan nuts are picked and immediately processed through a particular technique that retains the nutritional benefit of the oil. The argan oil has a golden color and slightly nutty flavor. So, the purchased product should hold these properties. Also, argan oil is expensive and often stored in a glass bottle. Choose a trusted brand as you will using the essential oil on the most sensitive part of your body. Do a patch test before using on your eyelashes and eyebrows to avoid the instance of allergic reaction.

Argan oil holds a high value in the cosmetic industry because of the nutritive and medicinal value. If you have sensitive skin, thin eyebrows, and brittle eyelashes, then you should try this therapy of argan oil for eyebrow growth. Just leave few drops of this golden oil on eyelashes and eyebrows in the night, and you will see miraculous results in a span of weeks. We assure you that after using argan oil, the eyebrows will appear thicker and the eyelashes won’t break easily.

Remember, using cosmetics may help you look beautiful, but the damages are harmful and sometimes can scar your face. Instead, go for organic products that will help in enhancing your natural beauty.