Argan Oil Vs Olive Oil for Hair, Skin and Face: Compared by Experts

Argan oil vs olive oil

We all have heard about years old olive oil that provides great health benefits. Though in today’s scenario, people also enjoy the numerous advantages of argan oil. Both the oils are prevalent and enjoy a number of benefits.If you are eager to draw the comparison between both types of renowned oils – Argan oil vs Olive oil, then here I will make you informed of the same.

Let’s elaborate on the same.

Argan oil vs Olive oil

             Argan Oil                                                           Olive Oil

Plant-based oil which is found in Morocco.Part of a Mediterranean diet and found their way into the western culture.
Chiefly known as cosmetic oil but serve as food product too.Great for cooking but can look after home treatments of skin and hair.
Gold in colour and possess an amber hue.Gold in colour but take on to some extent green tint.
It originates from the roasted argan nut Kernels so it holds nutty taste.Enjoys rich olive scent.
It contains 42.8% oleic acid.It holds 55.83% oleic acid.
36.8% of the linoleic acid is found in argan oil.It is of 3.5- 21%.
It is free from vitamin K.You will find vitamin K in it.
It contains Vitamin D.No traces of vitamin D.

From this table, you can make out the difference between argan oil and olive oil. Both the oil contains vitamin E.

Oil for Nails

Argan Oil – Let’s discuss the effects of pure organic argan oil on hair, skin, and nails.

  • You will find that argan oil is effective for hair growth and can effectively treat hair damage. The nutrients like oleic acid and vitamins E and D provides strength to the hair. You can make use it as a regular shampoo.
  • The balance of omega 6 & 9 along with the rich level of vitamin E is found in argan oil which will take proper care of your skin.
  • It will keep your nails healthy.

Olive Oil – Role of virgin olive oil on hair, skin, and nails.

  • You can make use it for damaged hair but it cannot be used as the substitute for the shampoo. You can warm it to massage your hair.
  • It enjoys the greater percentage of oleic acid which will help you to clear up acne and soften your skin.
  • Just like skin and hair, it is apt for nails too.

From the above-mentioned points, you can make out the difference between olive oil vs argan oil and how both types of oil are suitable for your hair, skin, and nails.

Which is better- argan or olive oil?

Argan oil is from Morocco and Olive oil is from Greece. You will find olive less expensive than argan oil. For dull, dry, rough and frizzy hair you can make use of argan oil as it is boon for your hair. In the market, you can get lots of hair products of argan oil which will serve your hair in best possible manner.


Overall if you go through the percentage of nutritive values in both types of oil, then you can make out that one is not completely superior or inferior to the other. As a hair supplement or for skin care you will find olive is less helpful than the argan oil.

There is not the great difference between both types of oil. Both will benefit you in one way or another. If you prefer total beauty maker, then argan oil is apt for you on the other hand if you are searching healthy partner for your diet, then olive oil goes well.